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Would you like to optimize your production, save resources, and increase productivity? CuttingEdge is an IIoT 4.0 platform specifically for cutting processes. We support you to easily and securely benefit from the Internet of Things.
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Exploit the Potential of Industry 4.0

Thankss to our cross-company approach, everyone involved along the supply chain benefits from the opportunities offered by CuttingEdge. Your data stays under your control at any time – your know-how is protected.

Component Producers

Analyze, compare, and optimize processes using detailed actual data. Together with your suppliers for systems and cutting tools, you will improve your processes based on data. You benefit from production planning and control, optimize processes, increase efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs. Simplify the management of any supplier and customer complaints.

For Plant Manufacturers

Improve the service for your systems thanks to a data-based predictive maintenance from your customers’ production. Gain powerful insights on how your customers use your devices and avoid over-engineering. Introduce flexible maintenance intervals for your devices.

Additive and Operating Equipment Manufacturer

Gain access to data of your products used by component producers. Optimize your cutting tools using data from both your manufacturing and the usage by your customer.

Raw Material Producers

Component producers generate a lot of information when machining your workpiece, e.g., about blowholes, hardness differences, or surface geometry data. Benefit from this information to optimize your production and product quality. Together with the component manufacturer, you also create the basis for a data-based, automated complaint management.

Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM) Software Provider

Contribute to further development of the cutting technology by implementing process monitoring impulses in your software and thus improving it. Together with the machine control, for example, an improved control of the CAD data to the cut product is possible.

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As a technology-specific ecosystem, the IIoT platform CuttingEdge is specifically tailored to the needs of manufacturers and users from the cutting industry.

Consulting and Service

Bringing your production into the Industrial Internet of Things is a big step. We support you and your employees with advice, onboarding and much more. Thanks to our broad network, we can support you from sensor technology to AI evaluation.

Experts at your side

CuttingEdge is an offer of inno-focus digital gmbh – your digitalization partner with software and consulting expertise.

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