CuttingEdge Offers you Easy Access to Industry 4.0

No matter which part of the value chain your company represents – CuttingEdge offers you support in optimizing your operations, processes and products.

Raise Optimization Potentials

Increase productivity and quality and save resources at the same time, that’s the promise of CuttingEdge.

Data-based process monitoring of every single manufacturing step in your production enables you to increase your cost efficiency, improve quality and reduce your carbon footprint.

Extend Tool Life


Tools and operating resources can be used better and longer.


Increase Productivity


Machines can run faster, increases throughput, shortens delivery times and creates competitive advantages.


Detect Quality Deviations

Both quality fluctuations in raw materials (e.g., blowholes) and in the workpieces are detected. Quality data no longer have to be collected separately after the end of processing but are collected automatically in the process by the sensor technology involved.

Economical and Decentralized use of Skilled Workers

Work steps can be eliminated thanks to inline quality control or become significantly less labor-intensive.

Sustainability in Production

Thanks to increased efficiency in the processes, fewer rejects are produced, resources are used more efficiently, and energy and materials are saved.

Independent Platform to Protect your Know-How

The CuttingEdge portal is based on the software innoecos from the provider inno-focus which has been on the market since 2013 and supports users from around 2,000 companies in advancing projects together on a daily basis. For example, the software offers protected workspaces, secure video conferencing, joint editing of documents, and much more.

The system has now also been further developed for Industry 4.0 under the name iiotecos. This includes interfaces for data import and exchange, tools for evaluation and visualization, and the processing of production data (machine and sensor data), etc. In particular, the very finely tuned roles and rights concept helps to collaborate where it is important and to protect know-how where it is required. This means that you release data to your business partners selectively and with fine granularity. For economic reasons, usually only a small amount of the original machine data is sent to the data room. The bulk of the data remains exclusively in your company’s own cloud area.

For you, this means: Reliable and well-tested software, further developed with the pulse of time.

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