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CuttingEdge offers you a wide range of application possibilities. Whether you want to benefit from the visualization of process monitoring, introduce inline quality control, aim for new business models (e.g., pay-per-use or pay-per-stress) or compensate for the shortage of skilled workers, we will be happy to advise you.

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Optimize your Production Sustainably across Companies


Visualizing the process


Increased performance through integration of application technology into the process

Raise Optimization Potentials

Increase productivity and quality and save resources at the same time, that’s the promise of CuttingEdge.

Data-based process monitoring of every single manufacturing step in your production enables you to increase your cost efficiency, improve quality and reduce your carbon footprint.

Extend tool Life


Tools and operating resources can be used better and longer.


Increase Productivity


Increased throughput and possible shorter delivery times create competitive advantages.


Optimize Quality


Quality variations in raw materials and workpieces are detected. Quality data is automatically collected in the process.

Compensate for Shortage of Skilled Workers

Work steps can be eliminated or become significantly less labor-intensive thanks to inline quality control.

Enhance Sustainability

Thanks to increased efficiency in the processes, fewer rejects are produced, resources are used more efficiently, energy and materials are saved.

CuttingEdge offers you the following Possibilities

Visualization of Process Monitoring for Milling and Drilling

3D visualizations of the process allow visual tracking of the milling and drilling process incl. possible anomalies (blowholes, hardness jumps).

2D visualizations for long-term observations, e.g. wear behavior over the path and comparison of a variety of milling tools

Cross-company Collaboration

Structured data exchange with simultaneous know-how protection and visualization in project rooms, without data being transferred to third parties, enables cross-company teams to work together on process and product optimization. In addition, this results in feedback to the respective R&D departments and the downstream application technology incl. work preparation

Inline Quality Control

Actual process data with the influences (wear, displacement) give an impression of the geometry of the created component/workpiece. Quality information is generated in the process and does not have to be collected separately downstream.

Pay-per-use or Pay-per-stress as a Business Model for Milling Tools

Based on the real usage data available via tools, new business models will be made possible, e.g. usage- or wear-dependent billing (pay-per-use/pay-per-stress). A billing module will be provided via the platform in the future.


Successful in Practice

Over a total of three years, the precursor of today’s CuttingEdge portal was developed and tested as part of the research project “Inline production and quality control in the milling of metallic and CFRP products” (MAI ILQ2020 for short). During this project, the partners BMW, HUFSCHMIED, Fraunhofer FIT, inno-focus, the University of Augsburg and others worked out how the quality in milling processes can be improved through the cross-company exchange of data.

The project has successfully achieved goals such as reducing quality assurance costs, increasing efficiency, using resources more sparingly, decentralizing the deployment of skilled workers, and many others.

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In the MAI ILQ2020 project, we have analyzed in detail the impact chains – from the findings in data analytics to the economic potential. In particular, automated inline quality control, predictive maintenance and process optimization show the greatest potential.

Prof. Dr. Henner Gimpel, University of Hohenheim, Fraunhofer FIT

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