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Over a total of three years, the prototype and precursor of today’s CuttingEdge portal was developed and tested as part of the research project “Inline production and quality control in the milling of metallic and CFRP products“. Within the project partners such as BMW, HUFSCHMIED, Fraunhofer FIT, inno-focus, and the University of Augsburg worked out how the quality in milling processes can be improved through the cross-company exchange of data.

The project has successfully realized goals such as the reduction of effort in quality assurance, efficiency increases, more economical use of resources, decentralized deployment of skilled workers and many more. In order to make even greater use of the potential of Industry 4.0 for cutting, milling, and drilling, CuttingEdge is being continuously developed further and expanded as a cross-company ecosystem.

CuttingEdge is a service offered by inno-focus digital gmbh.

FAQ – Your most frequently asked questions about CuttingEdge

What is CuttingEdge?

CuttingEdge is an IIoT hub for companies in the cuttingĀ  industry. With the help of our platform, you can securely connect your production to the Industrial Internet of Things.

Who can use CuttingEdge?

CuttingEdge is suitable for all partners in the tool and machine building industry involved in the value chain: equipment manufacturers, raw material suppliers, operating material manufacturers, component producers and CAM software manufacturers. They can use the IIoT hub both, on their own and – to achieve maximum effects – across companies.

Who is running CuttingEdge?

The portal is provided and operated by the Berlin-based consulting and software provider inno-focus digital gmbh.

Which systems are compatible with CuttingEdge?

We are able to network a wide variety of plants and controls with our portal. Within our partner network, we are able to show you a large number of already implemented machine connections with suitable connectors. Please feel free to send us a specific request

How does CuttingEdge protect my know-how?

Two mechanisms protect your know-how: First, data sovereignty, meaning that your data remains in your hands. We do not process or share your data without your explicit permission. Secondly, the detailed release, role and rights concept ensures that you can determine which data should be visible and which should be hidden (for your partners).

What is CuttingEdge doing for IIoT security?

The platform’s software is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. Our applications are hosted within Europe and are thus subject to the strict requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation. In addition, access to the portal is restricted so only authorized persons acan register and enter the platform.

What can CuttingEdge do for my business?

First and foremost, CuttingEdge provides you insights into data that you normally would not be able to collect and evaluate in this way. The special hub with savings potentials of 20 percent or more arises from cross-company cooperation, for example, when you learn more about the use of your products by the user. This broadening of your perspective enables you to optimize production, quality management, customer service, and so on.

What is data sovereignty?

Data sovereignty means that you always retain control over your data and that there is no outflow of data to third parties. Your data will also not be processed commercially. You alone decide which data you want to make visible and share. This means, your know-how remains protected

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